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Tree and Shrub Pruning:  Trees may need to be pruned for different reasons such as storm damage, aesthetics, or for the safety of your home and family.  Regardless of the reason, we recommend scheduling your free estimate.  Shrub damage is common.  Shrubs may look destroyed or heavily damaged, but with proper care, they generally can grow back and fully recover.  We suggest surveying all of your plants, taking special care to inspect shrubs for damage. Again, contact us for your free estimate!

Tree and Shrub Removal:  Our approach to tree and shrub removal is conservative with the goal of preserving the tree wherever possible unless a homeowner directs otherwise.  Using state-of-the-art, specialized equipment and highly-skilled technicians to prevent property damage, we specialize in Zero Impact Tree RemovalZero Impact Tree Removal techniques safeguard your property and ensure that your landscaping remains completely intact. That means no dents in the soil, no tree debris left behind, and no damage to your surrounding landscape.  We are skilled and experienced in working at tree removal sites both small and large.

Tree Support Systems:  Cabling and bracing is a common practice that provides supplemental support to trees. This process is used to strengthen the structure of a tree, prolong the life of a weakened tree due to storm damage or natural causes, and reduce the hazard of the tree to a home or surrounding landscape.

View Enhancement:  We have some of the most amazing views here in the Puget Sound.  At Harborview, we specialize in creating and maintaining those property enhancing views.  This process may range from simply crown thinning to select tree removal.

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